Boobies on Blog Parade

 “At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

First, let me say that I am a huge believer in karma.  I think that when you put energy out into the cosmos, it comes back to you in the same form.  So, a few posts ago, when I ranted on and on about the lack of breast cancer research in the United States, the opportunity did present itself for me to help.  All I had to do was show my boobs

Well…might as well do it for a good cause—instead of the selfish, self-satisfying cause that usually loosens my bra straps—and breast cancer research is close to my heart.  Remember:  One of the three unholy trinities of female cancers?  I found out about this when my darling Misty (and I always think of “Play Misty for Me” in the lewdest ways after reading her blog!) stopped by.  When I surfed by, I was greeted by an amazing boob shot!  Never let it be said that I don’t stop to watch a parade…but when I started to read about the efforts of the Boobie-Thon to raise money for breast cancer research….I was in heaven!

Later on this afternoon I will be sending a slew of pictures over to the 6th Annual Boobie-Thon.  Love boobies?  Stop by and have a look….after all, its all for a great cause right?  Why am I waiting?  Thought I would let the hubby take about 20 shots….and loves good boobies!  Give him a thrill (and he is always so appreciative afterwards!)….and help breast cancer research.  Damn!  Today is already a home run for me!

Are you a woman that wants to help save the boobies?  Know a lovely lady diagnosed with Breast Cancer?  Hug her close…she will need the support.   And….please consider joining me in boobie love!~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Boobies on Blog Parade

  1. That’s really great! I LOVE the fact that Breast Cancer awareness gets an entire MONTH to help educate people. I always break out my little pink ribbon pen and start wearing it every October 1.

    I know it’s become a bit “over marketed” but despite that, it’s still a very, very good cause to support!

    Thank you for bringing this wonderful site to others attention. 🙂

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