Erotica Games: Touch Me Tag

This is absolutely one of my favorite erotica games because it risks exposure and I have been practicing it for over 20 years.  Every time we go out to dinner or drinks with people, I find suggestive ways to touch my partner.  I start with my hand on this knee under the table while chatting innocently with the couple across the table.  Slowly, I start to rub the inside of his thigh as we order drinks.  He is always sitting back with arm around my shoulder and just as he starts to relax I make my strokes a little more urgent….more pressure.  About this time, he sits up straighter in his chair and leans forward.  Marine Corp aggressiveness is surfacing.  Conversation with friends continues…without missing a beat.  I dont provide him any attention at all besides these strokes of pleasure.  This is important because he is starting to struggle to remain composed.  Response:  Turn up the heat!

What is important here is to continue to converse with the people sitting around you like nothing is happening.  As my hand reaches high and higher up his thigh, the jackpot is when I hear his breathing go ragged and his body gets tense.  By now, my hand is massaging his male anatomy and the pleasure is obvious…So, I stop.  Tag…your it!

Change of plan:  If my partner is not sitting next to me (like at a four sided table), I take my high heel off and gentle slip my foot between his legs.  I rather prefer this method because I can watch his face and see his reactions.  I can see his eyes light up with appreciation….and a promise.

Enjoy your game….dont get caught.~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Touch Me Tag

  1. I love, love, love doing something very similar except it’s when he’s driving us down the freeway. Especially when there are a lot of 18 wheelers on the road and he KNOWS that if they simply look down, they will see my hand squeezing his arousal. He gets nervous and yet excited at the same time and it absolutely thrills me to have that kind of influence on him. 🙂

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