Sexual Fetishes

EroticaI did not write last night because I found myself wrestling with my sexual soul.  Early on, there were two main things that helped me to develop an attitude for sexual acceptance.  First, I grew up in the “Big Easy.”  (In case you are not hip to that, it is N’awlins to the world.)  Second, I took a series of Sexual Psychology classes that opened my eyes to the world of fetishes.  I was amazed how many people often died seeking sexual pleasure

BTW, I am not referring to prostitution because people, including prostitutes, die from social diseases because of societies imposed social mores that do not see sex workers as individuals worthy of the basic common decencies that we demand for each other like health insurance.  I realize…another of my rants…but in truth, what type of world do we live in that punishes an individual for the “type” of work they do?  Would you punish a woman for working at McDonalds?  What are we saying as a society when we protect only the people we deem worthy of our protection?  I know…I rant…

Back then, I could not even spell “autoerotic asphyxiation.”  Much less, I still can not even understand that someone would get pleasure from harming themselves or another person.  Even today, the case studies make my stomach weak.  I realize that this is commonly called a “sexual deviation” and all the medical terms associated with it doesn’t end in sexual pleasure in my mind.  I guess that is where I truly make the separation…fetishes satisfy something deep in us and give us pleasure.  At the end of the sexual encounter, no one’s life is in jeopardy and everyone walks away with a bigger smile of satisfaction.  In truth, I think that everyone has a fetish of some type that they would love to explore, but not many people step outside of their sexual boundaries to find out what that maybe.

Here’s a confession to the mass:  I have a high heel shoe fetish.  Orgasmic…sexy…. seductive high heels.  Love them.  Mmmmm….

Here is why I attack this subject:  as many people know, I wrote a post a few days back on Clit Removal.  The post has remained high at the top of the blog stats each day.  I hoped….prayed…that was a sign that people were finding understanding of this horrible mutilation of women by depriving them of sexual pleasure.  Now, through an enlightening email, I learn that there stands a trend, masquerading as a fetish, in this country (USA) of women having their clit hood and lips removed.  Now, I wont even approach the health issues here or the sexual ramifications (and we wont even talk about the number of women that have their clit removed—voluntarily…yes, they do!), but I think about the category of fetishes.  It seems to me that the reason that the idea of a fetish catches such hell in the mentality of human beings is because it is a catch all for every non-mainstream sexual behavior from spanking to clit removal. 

Don’t get me wrong…I enjoy a few “non-mainstream sexual behaviors” as much as the next sexually liberated woman, but shoes.  Really?  And in my mind, having a body part, such as your clit, removed is like the old joke of not jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.  Mental examinations start to the left…if you need help to handle your sexual urges and issues…..please get it before you alter or damage your body.  If you are considering or involved in “autoerotic asphyxiation,” don’t wait to seek help.  Sex should be the greatest pleasure of your life…not end it.~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Sexual Fetishes

  1. The really weird thing I’ve been reading about is that this particular “fetish” is becoming more and more popular with the teenage crowd. Why?? I don’t understand that. It just doesn’t make any sense to me and no matter which way I turn it around in my head….I can’t fathom why they would want to do something like this.

    It’s frightening how different the younger generation is from what I remember as a teenager myself.

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