Erotica Games: Pleasure Panties

EroticaOn Saturdays, my new posting category will be erotica games.  This springs from two things.  First, Saturdays are usually date nights with my man so I am feeling in the mood to think of ways to light up our world!  Second, I believe that a strong part of sexuality for any woman is a little bag of tricks that turn her lover to jelly.  It is powerful…makes a woman feel strong to have some control and feel the results of her efforts.  Plus, when you see your lover’s eyes catch fire because of something you have done, it is an aphrodisiac laced with orgasmic pleasure!  So, here goes…

Pleasure Panties
Go to the lingerie section of your favorite store.  My favorite is Victoria’s Secrets, but it is a little far away and I have to fight the mall to get there.  Buy a lacy pair of red sexy panties.  When you get home, fold them and put a spray of perfume on them.  Only one spray please…we want his focus on the invitation.  Pin a note to the panties with a message that says, “For a Good Time, call (with your phone number)!”  Now put them in a large envelope and mail them to him at work.

Slight Variation
Next time your lover has to travel, try the same trick except use a ziplock bag instead of an envelope.  This makes sure that it is sealed to protect his clothes from perfume and that your precious panties are not getting fingered at the airport when his luggage is searched.  Also, I would leave my phone number off if including as part of his luggage.

I hear women everyday complain that the passion is gone from a relationship.  I believe that we can control that and many other sexual things in our lives.  If you have a favorite tip or trick to share, then please let us know.  I stand ready (eager) to learn just like everyone else!~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Pleasure Panties

  1. hi Dee
    I dont know what have happend, but I have around 700-1600 visiters a day on wp. Can you believe that? What have happend? hahaha

  2. When he pulled into the drive after a long day at work – I met him at the top of the stairs, wearing a long black trench coat belted at the waist. The smile I got then was nothing compared to the one he gave me when he saw what was beneath. He threw me over his shoulder and we spent the rest of the night wearing nothing but a sheen of sweat.

    That smile was still on his face when he left for work the next morning and I had the “cat that ate the canary” grin, all day. 😉

    Sometimes…the old ideas are still the best ones!

  3. CinnKitty…it is amazing to me how easily we can put that smile on a mans face! It seems to me that these efforts are especially appreciated after a long day of work. Probably 1/2 because they are unexpected and the other 1/2 because they feel so unappreciated at that point!

    The old ideas have lasted so long because they work so well! Thank you for sharing.~~Dee

  4. My delightful Dee~

    Once upon a time, I left my lover a note.
    It was very explicit, this note.
    It was very descriptive, this note.
    It read:

    When I arrive tonight, you will be ready for me.
    Shower. Lather yourself in the sexily scented body wash that I have left for you. The smell drives me wild.
    Trim. Your nails, your facial hair and yes, the lower regions as well. I plan on nuzzling every freshly trimmed area with lips and tongue.
    Play. The CD I have left in the stereo system is my favorite.
    Light. Candles have been placed through out the bedroom.
    Pour. Wine is currently chilling in the refrigerator, glasses are on the counter. Have them on the bedside table.
    Wait. Lie down on the silken sheets and think of me. Think of all the things I will soon be doing to and with you. Think of my skin, softer than the silk beneath you, rubbing all over your body. Think of my lips traveling down your chest, across your stomach and imagine as the warmth of my breath precedes the heat of my mouth.

    Are you ready for me yet?
    I will be there soon.

    It is amazing how well a man can follow directions when he knows that a mind blowing sexual experience is soon to follow.

    Needless to say, he followed my instructions to a “T”.

    Passionately yours,

  5. Sweet Cin,

    It is even more amazing to me how many women will not tell a man what to do! Men will follow direction and do what gives you the most pleasure…but so many women just wont utter the words or leave the note or take the step to just let them know!~~Dee

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