Clit Removal

female sexuality eroticaAll at once, this is the easiest and the hardest post I have ever written.  I promised myself I would never be political because government has no business mucking around in the sexual lives of adults.  And publicly, I intend to return the favor.  Some people believe in the ultimate separation of church and state.  I believe in the separation of church, state, and sex…and never the three shall meet unless someone, for some reason, wants to impeach a President for getting a blow job!  In that case, I think that the only people that should be allowed to vote on the issue should be those who have never give or received said sexual favor.  But hey…I digress.

Another of my soapboxes deals with the inadequate health research for women in comparison to men’s health research in this country.  When I explained to a male the other day that I felt not enough was being done about breast cancer, he said they had a cure.  Always willing to rise from my ignorance, I asked what he thought that cure might be.  He said a mastectomy.  It seems like they are trying with all their power to research a cure for prostate cancer and ED (erectile dysfunction?—men are too delicate now to actually say the words…they need a snappy abbreviation to deal with the issue).  But, the unholy trinity of female cancers (breast, ovarian, and cervical) are killing women daily.  I thank God that HPV has been brought to light and young women are being given a way to avoid this potentially deadly virus, but really….did anyone know the letters HPV before the shot was released last year?  Only those women who were infected or had cervical cancer.  While I will agree these measures can be lifesaving for women, lets please all also agree that surgical removal is not a cure.  Again, I trip over my real point…

As I read through the posting around WordPress today, I stumbled upon this one posting that brought to mind my early exploration into female sexuality.  This particular topic is near and dear to my heart because I was very young (around 18 years old) when I discovered Alice Walker and read about female circumcision.  As a young girl from the South, I had never heard much less considered the fact that people would allow—more than allow…insist—that their daughters have their clit removed.  More than, it tested my faith in human nature that, for the sake of their belief that it would keep them chaise and pure, anyone would allow the surgical mutilation of the body of their female children that leaves her as little less than a cow able to carry a calf to term.  Somehow, it made me hurt down deep in my soul to think of the young girls loosing any hope at sexual fulfillment.  One of the things that I found amazing in this posting is that of the population of Egyptian women, it is estimated that 96% have had this procedure…and oddly, other locations like Syria, who commonly participate in terrorist acts, believe female circumcision is barbaric.  And….this even more tearing….we are talking about young girls under the age of 13 which sometimes results in death because of the conditions.

Please…take a moment to read about the sexual plight of the women of the world.  We have a social obligation to help women around us and support their sexual growth as we support our own.  Plus, without an understanding of the cost of sexuality women pay throughout the world, we can not help to avoid these ideas in our own communities because, unfortunately, there no vaccine against stupidity or dogma.~Dee

3 thoughts on “Clit Removal

  1. I find it a sad irony that, in ancient Egypt, sexuality was celebrated. There is evidence that the Egyptians created several different forms of contraception… what happen?

    I wrote a post eons ago on my old blog about how women’s sexuality has been used to control and keep women down. I’ll see if I can dig it up — you can post it here if you’d like, or I can repost it.

  2. Yes, this is a appalling, barbaric act that is commonly perpetrated on young girls in Africa and throughout the Middle East and southeast Asia. I have read several books about the plight of the Islamic women and this subject has been broached in every one. I am currently reading a biography of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Dutch women’s rights advocate from Somalia. She herself has been been excised she calls it–with a scissors–and sown up afterwards, apparenty to uninate through the gaps left between the thread.

    Disgusting as this may be, it is but one of the numerous outrageous dogmas that over five hundred million women (almost double our entire population) face in that primitive backward part of the world. Honor killings, stoneing, flogging, multiple wives the list goes on and on. In one year alone in India, twenty thousand young women were burned to death in their beds for insufficient dowries in India.

    If I ruined your day, good! Think of what a single day in the life of these women is like.

  3. Dee,

    From the first moment I read about it many years ago to now, I still have the same reaction….a mixture of disbelief that people wont stand up to do more about it and physical sickness.

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali now has a contract on her life for the work she is doing. Absolutely incredible.


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