Wanted: A Few Good Men

EroticaYes, yes….the Marines and I want a few good men

As I think about  it, we have about the same standards (my man is a Marine):

  • The ability to think quickly and intelligently in tight situations
  • An understanding of the mind and instincts of the other side
  • The readiness to take action at the right time and situation
  • A healthy does of looking hot in and out of his clothes (ok…not a requirement, but….as long as I am making a list!)

You see, this search results from a recent discussion with Tom.  I have to note publicly that I have read Toms blog and he “appears” to be a man of consequence.  I would say “evolved.”  In response to his comments, I emailed him an invitation to take up residence on SexyWhispers and he said that he did not want his presence to scare off women.  I assured him that strong, sexy women could handle the opinions of an intelligent man.  As a matter of fact, I so believe that we can handle having strong, intelligent, sexy men around that I have offered / invited / asked to interview him for one of our Sexy Interviews.  We will see.

Now…the question is “Why?”  It’s easy really.  I don’t believe that a woman can fully accept her sexuality without understanding men—their motivations, their strengths, their advantages.  I don’t see how women can exist without the men of the world.  Not to build or validate our identity, but to be our playmates.  If we restrict men from our group and our existence, then we are not making ourselves stronger.  We are providing another road block to our acceptance of who we are sexually.  You see, men are not the reason women do not feel good in their own skin.  Each woman is responsible for her erotic self.  And, men can be a strong catalyst for this understanding because men, as a part of their natural acceptance of self, have already reached that goal.

With the belief that the support of sexuality means an understanding and agreement that all forms of sexuality (homo, bi, and heterosexuality) between adults are viable means of sexual fulfillment and expression, then we can no more deny the existence of our partners any more than we can deny the importance of self, sex, and erotica.  Plus, could there be anything more fun than picking through the men of the world to find the best of the best? (smile-alittle help ladies!!)

Its almost as important as accepting that you NEED rechargeable batteries!   Really women…lets help out the environment while we are helping ourselves!! ~~Dee

Update:  It is rare that I get the honor to bring blessing to someone who has blessed me.  I started the “Interview Me” game with Finn weeks ago.  She was so gracious and made me feel very welcome with her.  She was an instant moment of comfort.  A few days ago, she stepped up to be interviewed.  I consider this an incredible privilege…and look forward to the rather invasive questions I sent her.  Good luck and God love you Finn!

6 thoughts on “Wanted: A Few Good Men

  1. You are right, we do need a man to survive be it for the purposes of the human race or just us being women who need the male strength at our side. But what we don’t need is any dildo talking up a storm and delivering nothing. Unfortunately that’s the only difference. There are only few men who say what they mean and do as they said. And than we had the population of idiots walking around with hard ons. It’s a matter of maturity and some just never mature. About the Marines……I love a man who is dominating and resilient. Yuuummmmeh

  2. “”You see, men are not the reason women do not feel good in their own skin. Each woman is responsible for her erotic self.””

    My sweetest of Whispers,

    I must regretfully argue the above point. A woman who begins the journey into her own sexuality at a young age, is molded and formed by the experiences she has. The men that cum and go from her bed will have imprinted themselves upon her young mind and budding passions.

    Should she be left satiated and smiling, then she has a lovely chance at growing into a mature, sexually confident creature.

    But given enough disappoint, enough times left wanting and empty, she will carry those memories with her as she expands her sexual self.

    She will be seeking the man who finally shows her the full potential of her passionate nature, but she will not know this until – IF- he is ever found and her full erotic potential is realized.

    If she fails to find the man who can break the cycle of her previously unsatisfactory sex life, how then, can she grow into a woman who is confident enough to be in control of her own erotic self?

    For my part, I have run across more men who unfortunately fall into the former category of “left her wanting” than those falling in the “fulfilling potentials” side.

    However, the quality of those few in the”fulfilling potentials” category has certainly been enough to fuel my dreams on a nightly basis!

    Passionately yours,

  3. Hi, it’s me. Tom. The Edge of Vanilla guy.

    Ms. Whispers, I’m ready to do an interview thingie. I was sort of teasing when I said I’d wait until Suzy, but since she’s working on hers anyway, then I’m game.

    I do have to take issue with some of the comments, and I’m doing so with all due respect to your readers; consider this as a responsible opposing viewpoint.

    For the most part, those women who are beginning their journey in to their sexuality at the tender young ages are also pairing up with boys young men who are also just beginning their own sexual journey. They can’t approach these young women with the degree of maturity necessary because they, themselves, have not attained it.

    Even I, I’m compelled to admit, did not spring full-flower into my “evolved” state of mind vis a vis sexuality and relationships. It took a number of failed relationships, a number of arguments, and a number of laying awake at nights wondering what went wrong.

    Men do not take a lot of their own sexuality seriously because, frankly, our culture doesn’t hold them responsible for it. Women seek out “bad boy” types, and the situations in which the “nice guys” get tossed aside for the jerks and users is more than just a stereotype. Simply put, most men don’t take it seriously because they dont’ need to.

    Women need to be responsible for their own sexuality. The men who come and go from the beds of these young women will leave an imprint, but it’s up to each woman to determine how much and in what way it will affect her. To me, this sounds too much like “waiting for Mr. Goodbar” and removes them from any responsibility for their own behavior or attitudes.

    Anyway, I thought I’d drop in for lunch today.

  4. Hello Tom and Thank you for stopping by to Whisper words of wisdom at lunch! (lunch huh?–I am flattered! smile)

    Interviewing you will be my goal in life within the next few days. I can only agree that women need/should/must take more responsiblity for who they are sexually. It is my passion that women understand this…which is the focus for Girl on Girl (the next blog in this series!). I am not leaving anything that important to anyone else. Now…I would challenge you to tell me how we find out who is sexually mature enough have a relationship with unless we have a relationship with them? Hummm…..

    Granted, I was repeated approached by a guy in a bar the other night–while I was watching the Georgia game–just wanted a beer and to watch the game. Had to finally ask him to go away (not so nicely either). He told me….”come on, women dont like sports unless they are trying to impress a man.” Not all of your gender come with that less than intelligent sign, but when they do…we should be smart enough to RUN LIKE HELL!!~~Dee

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