Love, Sex, Money?

Hello all…Tamara here from the UK to give Dee alittle quality time with the her tasty man treat of choice. 

The amount of times I’ve heard this is uncountable! It’s like one of those all mighty chestnuts that keep coming round time and time again… just like hot sex! When it comes to the question of “Love, Sex, or Money?” it blows and this question seems to have been asked too much recently for me to let it go unnoticed.

So let’s get into it.

I’ve heard so many good arguments for this, which it makes it a better of a question, especially between the sexes! I’ve heard guys hold their own well here, and the women also… Let me share with you the kind of responses.

First off – this is awarded to one of the sharpest women in my life. She answered: “Love surprisingly gets my vote. It’s great to be in Love! Don’t get me wrong, sex is great but some men are crap at it! And money, well… money is good but it’s no fun on your own. So it’s clear to me that without love, you have nothing!”

Don’t you just love that?

Another answer to the same question, but this time by the cockiest man in my world brought in: “It has to be money, money, money! You can lose a load of money chasing women, but you’ll never lose women whilst you’re chasing money!”

Now that just shakes up the argument like a good doesn’t it? Well answered!

So, me… what’s my answer?

You draw from it what you want! One thing I do know is that sex – you cannot control on your own. Unfortunately it takes two to Tango! Love, once again is a two-way process that relies on an equilibrium to get right and a bloody good partner too. Whereas money, as long as you’re bright, ambitious, and dedicated – there really is no limit. So if the ‘question’ was where would I put my life on to get right… it would have to be money. Why? Because this is the only one that I can control!

Does it make it right? Not really… but I’ll always have a damn good bash at hot sex and true love with money… but at the end of the day, if all else fails… I’ll still have my purse with a whole lot of fun potential inside!

So, on a very contentious argument I ask you all to ponder and think about this one till you’re blue in the face. Don’t hold back because of loved ones, don’t gloss a rather deep underlying truth… just shake your stick at it and answer as you please!

Have fun, stay sexy!


3 thoughts on “Love, Sex, Money?

  1. It’s a good thing we are not all the same… *sigh*… my bid is on ~ LOVE. Intimate, soul searching, romantic candles on the table, and helpmate through life love. Mostly.

    Sex too. Money, no doubt. Hmmmm… rethinking the sex thing… maybe that is equal to love, or perhaps that is a hormonal response. Damn those testosterones…lol

    All three. Definitely all three to make a complete relationship. Sternberg said love is made up of three components – committment, passion, intimacy. Maybe a relationship is made of three components – love, sex, money. And a spare remote.


  2. Cool — I get to vote for Door #3. 🙂 Mine would be sex.

    Money? I can always make money. There is money to be had as long as a person is willing to work for it and I’ve never been a slacker when it comes to work.

    Love? How about deep like that can lead to love? Love of your friends and family? Mutual inspiration and admiration? Love can be built out of so many different things. But love is very ephemeral and not always easy to define. Is the love I feel for a guy now, the same love I’ll feel in 10 years? 15 years? Is it really love or is it lust? Is it merely infatuation? Will it fade or worse, go away? Will he stop loving me? Seek his love elsewhere? No…love is too intangible for me to place that high.

    Sex? Now that is the one thing I can feel, I can touch, I can enjoy, I can embrace, I can participate in. Of course, I would qualify that it should be very *good* sex. Mutually satisfactory sex is my #1 priority.

    To argue Tamara’s point of always having a damn good bash at sex — I would say that most of my life has been spent struggling to have a damn good bash at hot sex. I think I’m overdue for my fair share, that’s for sure. Perhaps, Tamara, you would like to send some of your leftovers my way? Maybe they can make up for the last 7 years of my sex life…… 😉

    Soooo…that puts hot, steamy, sweaty, stars behind my eyes sex at the top of my list!

  3. i can make my own money.

    i can satisfy myself sexually.

    i must love myself before i can love others.


    all of these things are so much better when we have a special person to share them with.

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