Men are Stupid

Now, before I get mugged from the thousands of people out there who are just waiting for a statement like that, please let me clarify.  I don’t believe men are stupid.  As a matter of reference, the men near and dear to me are above average.  My hubby (Superman in Disguise) and my good friend (my favorite Scorpio) are exceptional men…smart, funny, sexy, empowering, gentle (until there is a need not to be!).  I would even say that a majority of the men I know would not qualify as stupid on a daily, every breath basis.

But my question is why men let themselves be marketed to as if they were cattle.  Now, generally speaking, marketing to men using sex as a tool to get attention is not a new spin on the planet.  The men and I have a great laugh over the three girls in bikinis jogging down the beach in the men deodorant commercial.  It’s a scream to find out that men are insecure over their manhood enough to believe that taking a pill for “male enhancement” is the reason that 20 year old blond is interested in them.  And, far be it from me to burst that delicate bubble known as the male ego by pointing out how many product men are drawn to because of well revealed cleavage…everything from cars to razor blades. 

However, there is one place where I start to doubt the ability of the men to use their brain.  Many companies that sell products to men and women have started male only advertising that treats men as if they are stupid.  For example, as we watched TV the other night, we watched a series of hamburger commercials that were completely aimed at the male market. 

  • A blonde girl in a loose, white oxford shirt rolling around on the floor while eating a hamburger. 
  • The same company has started a “cheaters” series of commercials showing a man eating a hamburger at the body shop while they try to buff the spray painted word “cheater” out of the paint.  Tagline? “Sometimes having three girlfriends is just expensive.” 

I always wonder when I see these commercials just how stupid do they think men are anyway!

See…I am not so bothered that they would resort to sex to sell a product.  Since the birthday suit was discovered advertising has been using sex as a weapon against men.  But, what does bother me is that companies are starting a trend that says men are an easy mark.  So, they don’t need to advertise to women because they can reach their end goal without it:  money.  They believe they have found their missing link.  What’s worse in my mind is that men seem so willing to take it without saying a word.

Ready men…here is a comparison for you.  Strip clubs figured this route out years ago.  If you are offended by the comparison, then remember….I am treating men as intelligent enough to understand what I am saying.  Take your offense out on the advertisers!~~Dee

BTW…speaking of commercials….new one I love love love.  Cadillac commercial with Kate Walsh (Addison of Grey Anatomy) asks “When you turn on your car, does it return the favor?” Classy, sexy, erotic, and stylish!  Great stuff.

3 thoughts on “Men are Stupid

  1. I’ve said it before: Boys are stupid. I use the word “boys” on purpose. A man understands that the nude woman in the strip club doesn’t really give a crap about him, she just wants that cash. And he’s not gullible enough to pay an insane amount of money to buy her some “champagne” that’s really ginger ale. A man also thinks those commercials are dumb.

    I believe that most men are smarter than this, but unfortunately the ones that aren’t also aren’t really smart about where they spend their money (and how much they spend).

  2. Ha..ha.ha.. you said hamburger and rolling and all I could think of was the STUPID Paris Hilton / Carl’s Jr. “spicy burger” commercial. Puh-Leez! Are you seriously telling me that seeing Paris Hilton wash a car in an ugly bathing suit is going to sell burgers?

    And do these guys not realize that every time she took a bite of that burger she was running off to the bathroom to barf it back up??

    Augh!!!! If there were any and I mean ANY women on that campaign ad then they should have their woman privileges revoked! 🙂

  3. Honestly its not that men are stupid, its just that they are visual beasts. You show them a pair of breasts and they go back into their “caveman” days and start grunting. The advertising industry is the one who is lacking creativity and in some instances intelligence. They always go back to the ditsy blond showing off her goods to sell whatever it is that they are selling. That’s all. By the way, miss ya bunches.

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