Confessions of a Sex Addict

I started this last night, but it was date night with my man.  After a few drinks, I am afraid that doing what comes natural was more important than doing the blog entry.  I would apologize, but that is really what this blog is about right?  Doing the dirty when the time is right and the mood hits you!  So, here goes…

As I was talking to my favorite Scorpio, the discussion turned (as it does so often) to sex.  I was explaining that there was a woman on one of those talk shows for women that are supposed to support female empowerment, but so often show women in weak, victimized states (shivering).  She was talking about how her husband was a sex addict.  Struggling to understand this and never one to make fun of anyone trying to overcome an addiction, I tried to wrap my mind around it.  I mean, was she upset because he had no game?  Was she upset because he needed instruction?  Where is the real tragedy here?

It seems to me that any woman with a healthy dose of sexuality can use that to her advantage.  You will probably never find a more willing partner or someone more appreciative.  You could easily control the situation and keep him fascinated by teaching him all kind of new tricks while pulling out your favorite toys, stilettos, and things that buzz in the night!  Of course, the Scorpio laughed at me in my tirade of humor and explained that he thought the issue was that type of addiction was not satiated by one person.  Now, for those uninformed, Scorpios are, to quote Kiki (my favorite astro-sexologist), the sluts of the zodiac.  Interested in all things sexual.  That works out just fine for me….because SO AM I.  But…I, having been accused of being oversexed and a sex addict more than once in my life, am here to inform the world differently. 

As always, I never EVER promote promiscuity or irresponsibility.  After all, I have to live in this body for the next 30 years.  I am not doing stuff that I won’t like about me.  Respect and love me above all else!  But, the enjoyment of sex is not something we need to be attending meetings to stop (unless group sex is your game!).   I confess… I am a monogamous sex addict.  This means that I choose to practice my sexual antics with one person.

Now, if I have confused you…good.  Rethink what you know.  You see, letting people put labels and expectations on your pleasures puts limitations on your life.  If you are creating a healthy (and great sex is healthy!!) environment to explore and enjoy your sexual pleasures, then how often, where, when, what flavors of sexuality (bi, homo, hetero, or “other”), and what sex toys you use are up to you.  There are so many labels that society places on sexually oriented people to make the act of sex seem sterile and unattractive to the masses. 


Please…ask that question.  Here are a few fun facts for you to consider in your question for sexual enlightenment.

Did you know?

  • Texas: “A person commits an offense if he engages in deviate sexual intercourse with another individual of the same sex.”
  • North Carolina: “Any man and woman found occupying the same bedroom in any hotel, public inn, or boardinghouse for any immoral purpose without marriage shall be guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.”
  • Idaho:  Sex without marriage can get you a $300 fine and six months in jail. Adultery gets up to a $1,000 fine and three years
  • Oklahoma:  If you tell a virgin female you want to marry her and you have sex, but later decide not to get married, you’ve committed a felony which could lead you to 5 years in jail.
  • Oral sex is illegal in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia and Washington D.C.
  • Texas: It is against the law to sell or demonstrate the usage of a dildo or vibrator.  It could bring a fine and 5 years in jail.  (This was recently enforced by the way!)
  • Maryland:  The law prescribes 10 years for “any unnatural or perverted sexual practice” such as oral sex. The state can indict you without naming your offense or the how you committed it.

There are tons more…but the point is…after a 10 minute search on Goggle, there are plenty of society imposed rationalizations and rules to govern sexuality among “consensual grown adults.”  There are just as many stereotypical names that society will pin on women who are enjoying their sexually.  If people want to call me a sex addict because I move, breath, and feel sexy, then go for it.  I wont live in a box to make others comfortable.  I will make my own label and dare anyone to rip it off of me!  What’s your favorite label?~~Dee

7 thoughts on “Confessions of a Sex Addict

  1. In one of the more interesting laws that govern the sexual behavior of the dedicated men and women serving in the Armed Forces – “Sodomy” is defined as not only anal penetration, but oral penetration as well. Which means, should the US Government choose to prosecute you for giving a blow job to that cute sailor with the tight ass, they could.

    History shows, that they only use the full definition of this law when it has become obvious that they are determined to discharge that particular military member. Grasping at straws it would seem.

    Given the number of Marines I have known over my life, I would much rather grasp other, more delicious parts.

    And yet, the men and women of our military (the single ones I have known, at least) have one of the most “open minded” attitudes towards sexual pleasure. Because they live every day, never knowing if it will be their last. They never failed to find their pleasure when they could.

  2. You don’t get sex addiction, maybe because you’re not one. I’m not sure.

    A sex addict will lie, cheat and steal to get a “high” through some sexual activity. Most of the time, the sex addict can’t achieve that “high” with a sanctioned partner, like a spouse or lover. It has to feel elicit, wrong, or dirty. And it’s compulsive. The more the behavior is repeated, the stronger the pattern, and the harder it is to break.

    Please don’t minimize this addiciton. It has ruined many, many lives – those of the addict and the people around them. Read any book by Patrick Carnes, and maybe you’ll get it.

    Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself until you’ve tried understand this a bit more fully.

  3. I am always willing to be taken to task for my stupidity or insensitivity, but you missed the point. The point of the posting was that I am not a sex addict….but people refer to me that way because I am sexually liberated. The point was about the recognition there are horrible “rules” being used by the government (and society) to limit how people enjoy sex.

    I released your comment here–in whole (non-edited). Realize please that I could have edited it, but this is my blog and my opinions, as with everyone elses, are valid here. You have missed the whole point of this blog. No one keeps there opinions to themselves here and all are welcome to go elsewhere if they dont like what they read.

    I could feel your pain and belief, so I wont correct you any further than to say…thank you for stopping by and supplying reading material for those who are interested in the subject. If you want to join the truly enlightened, then please stop by again.~~Dee

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