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Sexy Interview #2

I have been blessed to meet many women with strong sexual viewpoints in the past year and a half.  However, none have compared to the women I have met since starting SexyWhispers.  For me, it has been empowering to see there are women in the world who understand the strength of their sexuality.  So, when I started down the path of playing “Interview Me” with the lovely Finn, it was with the lightness of heart of a child playing spin the bottle. 

It’s more than that now.  For me, as I have had the incredible opportunity twice to interview two amazing women, my goal is to give women the ability to read about women enjoying their sexuality.  I could contact people who do our podcasts for “expert” responses, but what I want for my readers to see are REAL women just like themselves.  Women who feel, think, and make choices in their everyday lives…women you might pass on the subway or in the grocery store.  There is strength in identifying with those who are like you and I want to thank each woman who takes a moment to share their life with us…with me…in the hopes of helping another woman take control of her sexuality.

Since my first days, I have followed the blog posting of Naughty Heather.  She is to the point and her in your face postings were fabulous. She made no excuses for her writings other than that is she wanted to do it!  (Everyone knows…I love women with that attitude that says, “Keep your damn opinions to yourself!”)  When I dug alittle deeper, what I found was a strong woman who filled her life with passion in every aspect.  I see a woman who has a pride in the person she has created in herself and, I hope, the role model she creates for her daughters.  She understands that being a mother includes showing her daughters how to be a phenomenal woman.  When I meet woman like Heather (and MisstressM with her daughter), I take courage in the fact that one day I will be out of a job and this blog will be covered with electronic cobwebs because the next generation of women will stand next to their mothers with the pride in their sexual freedom.  Thank you Heather…you are a pleasure to know.

Here is her interview: 

  • What is the one thing about a partner that makes your nipples hard?  Why?
    A man who knows me, knows what I like and what I need, and takes control of the situation is very arousing to me.  I have something of a power fetish…and for a man to say “I want you, I want you here and now and DAMN the consequences…”oh, yes.
  • What is the one quality that a woman must have?
    Confidence. I know it’s a cliche, but confidence IS sexy.  Take me, for example. I am fat. But I have big, nice tits, a nice curvy ass and I am (I hear) skilled in certain activities…and I like myself. I know I am smart, sexy, giving, loving, funny.  Much better to hear that than “Do I look fat in these jeans?” and “I don’t think I can do that” and “No one likes me…”  Fuck that! Love yourself first…
  • How do you influence your daughters as a woman rather than as a mother?
    Excellent question!  I think by being a strong woman who can still occasionally be vulnerable.  I have a job that I am very proud of – I am the Director of Development and Marketing for an ASO (AIDS Service Organization).  It is controversial, here in the Bible Belt, to work in HIV/AIDS…but I believe in it and I will brave the protesters at Pride and I will be on TV and I will cry when I read poems I have written about people I have lost to this disease. And it has nothing to do with being a mother, but everything to do with being a woman who has chosen to follow her passion. And that is what I want my girls to do – to follow their passions, whatever those end up being.
  • What have you done that you would consider sexually adventurous?  Why did you do it?
    Oh, wow, in the last year, so many things….I think the first time I played around once we decided to have an open marriage…I met a guy, he was hot, we talked, we made out, we fucked in the dark, dead end street outside my neighborhood.  It was the first person other than my husband that I had had sex with, or kissed, or seen naked, or let me see naked, in almost 15 years.  It was scary as hell! Luckily, it has gotten easier since then.
  • Is there or was there a time when you were not sexually strong?  Tell me about it!
    When I was trying to get pregnant – 7 years of infertility – I lost all of my sexual and feminine confidence.  My body was failing at the one thing it was built to do.  It still amazes me that I recovered. That was devastating!
  • Bonus:  Recommend a sex toy, position, or “educational program”
    Every woman NEEDS a clit vibe….and my favorite position is doggie…you can use those two together.  Read….read stories and see where you can go from there!  And don’t be so uptight! Let the “rules” fly out the window and have some fun!

Next Next Next:  Suzy has volunteered to be our next interviewee.  Her creamy mixture of visual images and sensual words are a titillating treat in each erotic morsel.  Talk about hard nipples!

Want your own turn to talk about yourself? Want to get interviewed here? You know you do. So simple.
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me” on either the SexyWhispers blog at
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post (if you have one!) containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.  (I always ask a bonus question because I dont like living by rules!)

Trying to decide if you want to be interviewed??  Come on….take my hand.  As I said before, the fear lasts a second, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!!~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Naughty Girl

  1. Hi dee

    I have some problems with my comments on wp. Therefor I have opend a blog also at an other community. The subject sex is a little bit touchy for wp I think sometimes
    I would be happy if you would put also that adress in your blogroll, and I put you in mine blog roll at E-blogger as well.
    Does it feel ok.

  2. I’m a big fan of Suzy’s. A lot of people are, but she’s a fickle fauxdom, indeed.

    She recently answered some of my own interview questions, and I was very impressed.

    BTW, if she ever tells you that you won a car, get the keys ASAP. Trust me on this.

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