Erotica or Porn? YES!

Sexy Blue Moon Erotica“Tell Me You Love Me,” he said again.  “You do get HBO in your small world?,” he challenged again as I accepted my first drink from the waitress and contemplated ordering another!

“Yes, of course, but you know your track records with movies.  Taking you to a truly funny movie is on my top 10 things to do before I leave the planet,” I shot back (which earned me an annoyed look over the rim of my Mohito).

Now, he is one of my best friends in the world.  I trust him with my confidential thoughts and crazy notions.  But…never again will I trust him with $12.50 based on his claim that I just “have to see” any movie.  Problem is that he seems so sincere in that little boy way that women are taken in by before they realize his intentions.  (Man, is that an ugly sentence or what??)  One smile…and boom….the Scorpio charm has worked its magic. 

“What, please tell me, makes this such an incredible show,” I asked only half able to trust the smile starting to spread across his face.

“Well…its your type of thing.  Sexy erotica…for men and women!”  Now, for all listening, he knows that is a red flag for me.

I signaled the waitress to bring another drink.  The same please.  “Keep talking.”

“What makes it cool is that it covers the life of four couples….single/engaged, married w/ children, married trying to have children, and older married couple.  It is very visual (read this a sex scenes), but it has a plot.  It’s like you mixed a porn and chick flick…this is what you got!”

I did not let on that I was interested.  Figured that I would watch and see…quietly…without making any commitment. 

I was impressed.

Granted, it does have its fair share of nudity and sex scenes (that look very real), but it also deals with real issues in the lives of women.  Its like getting together with three friends and chatting over coffee.  More than that, it is erotica at its best…its real.  One couple struggling through sexual issues as the wife seeks more sexual satisfaction….one couple facing infertility issues….but every story as seen through the eyes of strong sexual women

Plus, it does something that I can not remember any other erotic show doing in the past:  it addresses sexual women at all stages of their life while dealing positively with the ideas of masturbation and oral sex.

Fair warning….it like life…is not hiding anything about being a sexual woman.  While not for the children, I would be remiss as a member of an erotica company not to recommend “Tell Me You Love Me.”

And, as a side note about my friend….I must admit, he got major brownie points in my book for recognizing the value of this show!  (You were right!  I owe you a bar tab!)~~Dee

3 thoughts on “Erotica or Porn? YES!

  1. I loved this show. I have to admit to being a bit surprised by the—frankness, shall we say—of the sex scenes. But once I got past the surprise, I was actually pleased.

    I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

  2. The male mind is incredible. As soon as you know how to understand it, everything comes as second nature. They are interesting beings if I must say. At times very naïve and almost always horny.

  3. i love hbo shows. i have not had time to watch this one, although i have them all tivo’d. i need to indulge in some alone time without the kids to have a marathon.

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