Sexy Musings…

Some much today.  Some days are like that.  When you walk quietly in the world of people who enjoy sexuality as part of their life, goals, and work, the rest of the world seems dull when you don’t speak with them…interact with them…exist in their energy.  Like loosing a part of yourself or being completely out of your element.  Its odd to realize that so many women spend their whole lives missing the erotic world that exists in their own soul, the depths of their heart and being, and don’t explore it much less share it with someone who would be dazzled by the sight.  Sexual goddesses springing from the realization of what they can be mixed with the excitement of the erotic being evolving into what they will be….temporarily….on their way to complete fulfillment.

When I was in Houston a few weeks ago, I was surrounded by the women in my family.  We come from different generations.  My great aunt (85 years old), my aunt and my mother (60s), myself (36), and my nieces (20).  The differences we startling to me.  It was like looking in a mirror while looking in a mirror.  You know, that reflection of a reflection of a reflection that happens as the image echoes into eternity.  And what I saw was phenomenal…it was the literal evolution of woman over almost 90 years.  This will be my subject over the next few posts as I struggle to understand the once in a lifetime snapshot of history that I was given in that one moment.

Stay tuned…it should be enlightening, confusing, erotic, and empowering.~~Dee

PS.  We just made 3000 visitors on the three week anniversary of our first posting.  Love to all of you who visit, comment, and interact.  If you have a certain topic you want to discuss, you know where to find me!

One thought on “Sexy Musings…

  1. I know how many people miss the sexuality of life and can’t see sex. It’s powerful and invigorating and pumps us with lots of energy. But societies are so closed.

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