Passion Killers!

Red City EroticaDancing around,
Enjoying the sounds,
Of my ladies and me,
Struggling to be free.

So, as happens sometimes…I feel poetic.  Jot a few lines of rhymes to clear my mind and liberate my soul.  This was the case today.  Many women wrote to tell me to keep up the game.  It felt so good and I appreciate each person who sent me strokes of motivation.  I found new friends who invited me to their blogs with smiles and words of encouragement.  Hence, I waxed poetic…

Ok….while I was checking out the invites to the other bloggie women in the blogosphere, I found one that made me giggle.  Jen of My 33 People blogged about a discussion with a guy who asked her age.  Interestingly enough…I am not sure why this is not built into the genetic make up of every mans survival skills, but there are a set of questions that you should not ask any woman with which you want to be intimate.  I call these Passion Killers.  I always say that a man should never ask a woman too many “How did they do that?” questions too early because it is like finding out how the special effects are done in a movie.  All the sudden, the movie is not so dazzling anymore!

My List of Eye Rolling Questions with my “Just as Stupid” Answer:

  • Is that your natural hair color?  Answer:  Let’s just say…it is today!
  • Are your fingernails real?  Answer:  No, the real ones are buried in the last guy who asked that!
  • How old are you?  Answer:  If you have to ask that, then you can’t handle me.
  • How much do you weight?  Answer:  Oh please…spare me!

I think that the reason that these questions bother me so much is because it shows that a man is focused on the surface level of what he sees and not interested in finding out about me…as a woman or as a person.  I am told I make men nervous.  Poor poor dears!  Advice:  Ask about my favorite hockey team, my favorite drink, or my dogs (I love to talk about my dogs–most women do–and you get points for asking!). 

Ladies, please feel free to let us know your favorite Passion Killers.  My guess…each one will have women shaking their head in agreement in a memory of a man who said exactly the same thing!

Two small things:

1—Remember, the Whispers Media “make me feel sexy” contest is still plugging along both here at SexyWhispers ( and on our MySpace page (  All you have to do to enter is comment on either blog with “make me feel sexy.”  Its that easy!

2—I have been lucky enough to find so many writers of erotica, both stories and poetry, that we are adding a list of links to erotic voices.  Want to add your blog or website to our “Erotica by You” tab?  Leave me a comment or let me know where you are located…and we will be there too!  Subjects are not limited and judgment is not passed.

We believe that erotica comes in as many flavors as sexuality!  As we are ready to help our ladies samples all the flavors!~~Dee

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