Caught With My Panties Down

Well, I guess there is no use hiding it anymore.  I have been revealed as a fraud.  Oddly, it is a new idea for me so I am still getting used it.  You see, twice today I was accused of not being what I seem.  I was told by well meaning people that I was over eager in posting to others blogs!  Never having been one to ask for sex on the first date (although… it is not an idea I am against), I was completely blown away.  I had to read the emails twice to fully understand what I was being told.

It seems….I have been the focus of a type of prejudice.  (I never use the word “victim” and any reference to myself in the same sentence!)  Because I have a company name behind my blog and the ability to give stuff away, I am seen as commercial.  So, here are my conclusions:

  • Because I have access to pretty graphics, I don’t have a brain in my pretty brunette head or thoughts that I would like to express. 
  • Because I have the ability to provide women with information about sex products and access to sexpert podcasts, I don’t own an opinion of my own or my sexuality
  • Because I go to other peoples blogs and write comments (like everyone else I think) and leave a link inviting people to visit me back, I don’t have any want to share with other women the empowerment of erotica and being a strong, sexually charged woman.

While it is possible that, like that new kid in middle school, I charged right into the middle of groups and started talking to people like I belonged (thank you to the many who have treated me like I did—many virtual kisses to you all…and you know who you are….look at my blog under Ladies We Love!), I was not trying to stomp around or make a mess.  I was just being me.  I would apologize for any issues, but I don’t hand out apologies for me being me!

What does that mean?  Now, many people will be able correct me publicly if I am not telling the truth (and I promise to post all comments!), but when I get a comment…I treat each person that contacts me as a real person.  I email them….chat with them…ask them about their life….tell them about mine.  Before I post, I read archives and keep up with the blogs that I love.  If I don’t like a blog (and there have been a few), then I pass by without comment.

Here is another news blast for the critics:  I don’t get paid to run this blog.  It is my passion…it is what I want…so, every email, post, and correspondence is on my time.

One more thing….I got my FIRST request for an interview today from Misty!  I am so excited.  Keep watching.  I have been to her blog and can feel the sexual energy all over….ummm…..speaking of panties….enough said!~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Caught With My Panties Down

  1. Hi Diana, thank you for your comment, yes it is sad about Pavarotti, but life goes on.

    I understand your exitement. It could give you a push forward I hope. womens thoughts about sensuality and womens sexlife are important questions. Therefor I think your blog is a very good and important one.

    Grettings from one of the ladys your blog love,
    I kind of love that Dee


  2. Now how in the world would we know you exist if you didn’t comment? Duh.

    You must be doing something right. You’re making people uncomfortable. xo

  3. At first glance, I can see why people might think or say these things. But that is as first glance only. Obviously, they haven’t bothered to delve a little deeper and see the woman behind the “pretty graphics” and “sexual empowerment” that you provide.

    Me? I’m thankful for women like you. Teach if you can, preach when you want and ultimately, take nothing from anyone that you do not wish to accpet.

    You are beautiful in your words, your wisdom and your willingness to share. You are a Goddess.

  4. Dee, have your seen this young women? she is really someone to look at and read

    grettings one of your loveble ladys, sofia

  5. Ah Dee, thank you so much. Well you and I know the imortans to talk about femail desire as mens desire. We simpy have to fond and search for the point where, we might not be alike, but still have our sexual needs. This we must talk about both womwan and men. And you are dinung a great jobb Diana


    I give you an extra link though I have a lot of visiters Dee

  6. Wait what did I miss? I was only gone for few days. So if you are a fraud what does that make me? You know what? Dont pay attention to anyone….keep doing what pisses everyone off. Thats the way to do it.

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