Whispers Media Contest!

Red City Whispers EroticaFrom the first hit on the Whispers Media website to the nearly 2000 hits on the SexyWhispers blog, our goal has always been to empower women to accept their sexuality and integrate their sexuality into their everyday life!  It is sometimes a fight to convince women that they are born sexual.  Some women have realized that they are sexual beings (standing up to do the wave!), but they believe they need to hide it…least someone find out. 

So, they quietly whisper it in groups during ladies nights out or, worse, never talk about it at all.  Here at SexyWhispers, our goal is to give women the power to speak out about their sexuality through connecting one another.  Whispers Media sponsored a party with Playgirl magazine, partnered with OhMiBod (for the less hip…this is a vibrator that works with your IPOD and Whispers Media erotica!!!), got sexy with Sensual Readings, and gained community with the PEEQWhispers Media parties with Showtime’s The L Word in Second Life and provides erotic audio content for SexAudia, an internet radio station reaching listeners across the world.  Whispers has asked the most notable Sexperts to create the sexist FREE podcasts on the burning subjects from swinging to being a great lover to Astrosexology (hint: how to use a mans astrology sign to draw him to you!)…all free.  If you would like to go over to digg and share the love of the Sexperts of Whispers Media….go digg us today at http://www.digg.com/podcasts/Hot_Wire_Your_Libido_s_Ignition.

Our goal has never been to “go gentle into that good night.”  Instead, most recently through the SexyWhispers blog, our goal has been to showcase strong women who are not scared or intimated by the topic of sex.  As I have stated so many times before, all the Whispers Media ladies wish to led, by example, the sexual revolution that helps women own their sexuality.  By extension, we have brought others into our group!

Whats next?  A contest of course!  I love giving stuff away!!!  Here’s the deal.  For the next month, I will accept entries into a contest to win a complete set of four Whispers Media CDs, both the Red City and the Blue Moon series.  To enter, all you have to do is post a comment on our blog www.sexywhispers.wordpress.com with the phrase “Make me feel sexy!”  You do not have to be a woman (as we know many many men who would like to give a sexy gift to a lady in their lives), but we will need to post something about the winner.  So, it can be a myspace address, blogID, or name.  It does not matter…we just have to show the world we really gave the CDs away!  Fair enough? 

Start entering now…Whispers Media is ready to “make you feel sexy!”~~Dee

Whispers Media Reminder:  On Friday, September 7th, lazy geisha is going to hold The Butterfly Sisterhood Auction for The Butterfly Temptress who is fighting for her life, without the aid of health insurance, while trying to meet the need of her five beautiful children!

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