Does Size Matter?

Hot Wire EroticaWell, here we are. That good ole mood breaking rib tickler! That belter of a query that gets us all whispering like night owls. That little trickster of a taboo question that gets asked more times than “Fancy a bite to eat?” these days! (No pun intended of course!) It’s one that gets answered differently too depending on the mood. Hell, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen the same woman answer it with a positive “Yes” one day (conveniently after having watched a soul empowering episode of Sex in the City).  Yet the next day, having been wined, dined and possibly screwed into next week, she’s answered that with a more politically correct, “No!”   Followed by the old cliché of… wait for it… “It’s what you do with it that counts!” Oh my silly frilly days… How I love that old chestnut! I’m not disputing the truth; I just love the fact that it’s these few words that probably saves your man from going upstairs and hanging himself. It’s the ego protector – it’s the one, just like Superman, that saves the day! Outstanding!

But seriously though, mood is important when answering this, I do agree. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and God knows I’ve had mixed views on this myself.

So, here I am wanting to get my head around this one and try to answer it face on, in the cold light of day, and with a head full of nothing but clarity!

Does size really matter? Well, I’ve thought…I’ve pontificated and I’m left with an overwhelming clear view on this matter. For me, it’s quite simple. The answer really is “No.”  UNLESS of course, the man striking you with his power tool has something that is more at home in a Meccano set than a real man’s toolbox! (For the keen men out there – I’m sure you’ll get this reference of Meccano… hell, we all had brothers right?!)

But back to my point, it really isn’t anything to do with size (within reason, of course!), so Gentlemen, spare the noose and spare your lives. You have been reprieved, so make something good out of your life.

This is my verdict. It’s short, it’s sweet and as much as I can sense, it’s true. It really is all about the love making techniques or the screwing plan you’ve got going on…not the fact that you may be squeezing a few pounds into the skin of a love truncheon. The hands, the fingers, the touch, the breath, the pace, the movement, the strategy (yes, that means a plan in the bedroom! Thought that might spin a few of you out!), the build up, the finale. The whole caboodle right there is what the story of the bedroom is all about…not some flaming ego contest.

One thing I would throw into the mix though is “what if the guy was blessed with all of the above AND had a love weapon the size of London?” Hmmm, now that’s a trickster, but I think to be fair, there would then be another question of “When is it BIG enough?” Because for me, there’s nothing worse than a pole vaulter trying to throw some shapes around in the bedroom. One fact, simply because he’s too big to be agile. Another would be that he’s too big to be aggressive; he has to tread carefully which don’t please everybody. Furthermore, he could also be eye wateringly painful and just like piles, I don’t like pain anywhere near my foofoo.  Ramming anything that shouldn’t be fitting in somewhere is just plain stupid.

So, there’s my take on this very controversial matter. Did it help? Start a rumble in the jungle? Let’s hope so hey!

Ladies, Gentlemen… go out there and just rock will you! Rock till you flaming drop and leave questions for the children. Actions speak louder than words!

Spank you.
T – X

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2 thoughts on “Does Size Matter?

  1. Honestly its not so much about size as it is about performance. A guy can be hung like a horse and not know what to do with it And he can also be a tiny little carrot and make your whole body quiver. On the same token, I always want to feel him inside me. So technically for me, the answer is yes it does matter but he still needs to know what to do with his boy.

  2. A little input from a male perspective, Yes a lover should be thoughtful, adventurous, imaginative, have good technique, etc. and large enough equipment to satisfy his partner.

    Yes I’m an average male with average equipment and an overaverage imagination. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be a freak but an inch here and an eigth inch there would please me

    Now, Mother nature in her infinite wisdom not only didn’t make all penises alike, she also didn’t make all vaginas alike. I ask you, does it make sense that an average woman with an average size vagina can’t be satified by an average size penis?

    Case in point, a former wife(deceased) divorced her first husband because he was too big. Let me repeat that-not too small but TOO BIG. But like Goldilocks, my medium sized penis fit her just right.

    So ladies I ask you, are the men you sleep with too small or is your dainty little tunnel of love in reality the Carlsbad Cavern.

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