Studying Women

As many close to me are aware, I am taking a few days off to conduct an important study that should be very important to my understanding of women, sexuality, and life.  You see, a couple in our family just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  It is incredible to see from far away.  I mean, they still hold hands and call each other by pet names.  They are surrounded by children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  I must admit (and I am no slacker myself with 20 years of marriage to my credit) that I am dazzled by the experience of just being in the same room with them.  Thinking of how the institution of marriage, the role of women inside and outside of the family structure, and female sexuality must have changed in the last 60 years makes for quiet awe at best.  Its like looking into a mirror when there is a mirror behind you.  You can see so many reflections forward and backward.  And…you can see how the road has changed for the women of my generation.

I will be back with you soon as possible upon my return with results.  Until then, I stand humbled in the recognition that sometimes, people slip up and get it right.~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Studying Women

  1. Hi Diana
    wonderful with your familymembers long marriage, and that they still seems to love on another, By all means, I think most of mankind want a succesfull marriage like that

    sofia from my mix univers

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