Sex Education

eroticaGood morning!  As I write you from Houston, I wanted to take just a moment to introduce you to a guest blogger.  She is the sex flavor from the UK.  Whispers Media will always be a women oriented group seeking to promote sexuality, but we will actually be a threesome to help us reach out to all women: no matter of sexual orientation or marital status.  So, pull up your garters….because Tamara will knock your socks off with her UK honesty and direct approach to sex!

I’m Tamara….the sex goddess of Whispers Media UK….sometimes nice….usually naughty. I’m very much comfortable in life, and as Whispers Media grows throughout the world at large, it means we can all get sexy, more expressive and simply get it on with whoever we choose! Based on British soil, it means I see things from western, cultural perspective and somewhat European approach. We all like the finer things here.  We have choices, and we like our freedom but also our islandic approach means we’re safe to do what we want and no-one can run very far. Often here, outside it’s raining but inside it’s wet and that shows in men and women all over the land as ‘sex’ is the most popular pastime!

I’m enthusiastic, a little wild and I’m very in touch with my sexual side. I’m damn bloody horny! I’m young so that makes me susceptible. I’m wise with enough experience to make me cocky! I make people’s lives around me happy so really that’s where my care ends. Love me? I would!

I have a problem today and it’s one that crops up more than I care for! It is the simple and laborious fact that men just never get it, do they? There is more porn, erotica and sex on the web than I can shake my stick at and yet they still come back to the bedroom baffled, rambling and very much out of ‘touch!’ Is it a form of arrogance that doesn’t allow them to actually consider that they may need to read up on what makes a woman tick? Is it the fact that they have wanker that hard that they maybe blind and subsequently illiterate? Or maybe it’s just because they wank so much off of free porn that they are left wasted and spent and couldn’t give a fuck about re-educating themselves! I don’t know but more and more it’s irritating the pants off me!

For now, I suggest we start a global tirade and it consists of this:

  • Communication: Tell your man exactly how to do it and that unless he wants you to go get silly with the neighbour, then he’ll sharpen up his tool pretty quickly!
  • Action: Show your man how it’s done. Grown, moan, and shriek the walls down! If he doesn’t realise what gets you off in one sitting then you haven’t barked loud enough!
  • Gloat: Tell your friends how great he is. The insecure man may need to know that he’s doing some things right so the fact you’ve told all your pretty little friends of his magic in the bedroom, his ego will stand tall and the rest well, just like you want his love tool too!

Now if this doesn’t start a little difference in your own personal world of sex then we really have problems lying way deeper than a simple remedy can cure!

Go out there and see what difference you can make ladies. After all, this is all about “YOU”!


2 thoughts on “Sex Education

  1. i agree. women need to tell us (men) what to do. i once (ok, several times) heard a joke that went like this: Q: do you know why women don’t have orgasms? A: because men don’t care. that’s not true in my case (i can’t describe how wonderful it is to see, feel, hear, and just know that i helped a woman get an O) but though the joke is crude, it points out that women (men too) are responsible for their own sexual enjoyment. it isn’t even fair for the man to fail if he doesn’t know how to play the game. SO TELL US DAMN IT!

  2. Ohhhhh I love her! I can even hear her accent ring in my head. But here is where I literarily throw my arms in the air and say….no use.

    *Communication- There are men who are just deaf and mute. No amount of demonstration or is going to get it in through their thick heads.
    *Action – I had a guy pounce on me and literarily jump up and down on the bed and think that he was actually pleasuring me. Once again, no amount of coaxing, asking, showing, got it through his head that pouncing is not sexy, its not fun, and body slamming me does no good to the sex drive. It kills it.
    *This one boy was hopeless. I just pretended he never happened. But yes, I agree about showing off and gloating.

    Another wonderful entry. Keep it coming.

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