Women in BoXXXes

Ass Kickin' Woman AwardUnfortunately, it is usually not a good experience because women are not very accepting of strong, ass kickin’ women.  I am not sure if is because they are jealous or threatened.  I really can’t say that I care past the occasional remorse that any woman would live her life in a boXXX (pun intended!) so void of self esteem and self understanding.  But, I have had two very interesting things happen recently. 

First, at a very long party about two weeks ago, I revealed to a group of women what I do.  It started off with gasps and ended with way too many adult beverages.  However, as they gathered around me when the men went to the bar to get more drinks, I was able to take heart in the questions that I was asked.  They wanted to know things like:

  • How do you keep the sexual interest alive in a relationship?
  • How do you attract the attention of a man you are interested in?
  • Should I go find my husband?  (really please… I don’t need to follow him like a puppy)
  • Special tricks for pleasing a man?

As they fired questions at me for about 20 minutes, I was dazzled and amazed.  These were the types of questions and insecurities that usually baffled women in middle and high school.  When the men returned to the table, I was literally teaching a class on sexuality.  I loved it because I know…if after a few drinks (read this as three rounds of RUN THE TABLE)… they wanted to ask questions, then they wanted to talk about it!  Questioning is the first step to knowing!

Ass Kickin’ Woman Award
Winner:  MisstressM
Blog:  http://misstressm.wordpress.com

Last Sunday night, I met MisstressM on her blog.  After talking through email with her, I developed an interesting respect.  The thought that went through my mind was “this is one ass kickin’ woman!”  You see, she takes strong ownership of her sexuality and gives breathe to the understanding of how women can gain acceptance if they are comfortable in their own skin.  As a voice for female sexuality with a fun, naughty twist, she has never failed to impress me with her generosity of soul and fierce spirit.  I have only known her for a week, but Whispers Media developed this award with her in mind because she inspires and embodies what an Ass Kickin’ Woman should be:  strong, sexy, compassionate, passionate, erotic, confident, and out spoken.  If you are making a checklist ladies, then start here.

I set the bar very high for the first award.  Know an Ass Kickin Woman that you would like to nominate for this award?  You know how to get to me!  I would like to say that we will give it away (the award that is!) every two weeks, but…that all depends… her stilettos will be hard fill. ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Women in BoXXXes

  1. Okay Whispers, What did she win? A trip to Club Med? I heartell they’re nothing but sex camps. No? She’s already in San Diego so that’s out. Maybe a bumper sticker that says I kicked Dubya’s ass? I give, what’d she win?

    BTW. You never asked me but I know some pretty interesting erotica writers.

    Over and out, Dee

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