Aural Sex in Public

Sexy Smooth Blue MoonIf you hit this blog with the hopes of finding little morsels of information about oral sex (often confused!), then you reached the wrong blog.  Atleast…for today!  Many people, even women, have never heard the words ‘aural sex.’  Strange, but true.

If you are good and make it all the way to the end of this blog, then I will share an article with you that makes me smile every time I read it.

In short, aural sex is sexual and sensual stimulation through spoken words.  Whether whispered quietly over a glass of wine at dinner or purred boldly upon a lover during a sensual moment, aural sex is the best kept sexual pleasure on the planet.  Why?  It’s easy. Women are VERY verbal creatures.  We talk.  We write (we blog!)….we use more words in an hour than men use all day long!  But how can words be turned into a hot sexual encounter?

According to a poll on Queendom, almost 39% of women said that sound plays the largest role in their pleasure during sex with the exception of touch.

Now, I do realize that most men are not a powerhouse of speech and communication, but aural sex can be the foreplay that leads to the most dynamic, mind blowing sex of your life.  With the right spoken words, a woman feel courted, sexy, and wanted.  Watch her sparkle and come to life.  Women reciprocate very well when they feel sexy, so the view is definitely worth the climb.  (Hint! Hint!)

But, where are women in all of this verbal masturbation?  Why are we sitting back and waiting to be made feel sexy?  If you would like to see your guy catch fire, then give him the test.  At dinner or a party, give him your best ‘come to me’ look and stoke his imagination with soft words of stroking his body.  The key here is quiet words intimately shared between the two of you.  A secret.  It may be very difficult to get started, but it is so worth the effort to see the passion ignite in his eyes and the eagerness of your first sexual encounter together return again.

In that same poll from Queendom, almost 25% of the men polled said that sound plays the largest role in their pleasure during sex after touch.

After all, women are always talking about the need for foreplay and a man to take his time. Take some time to jump start the passion even before you hit the bedroom.  It is an investment in your sexuality to discretely share the sexual energy and banter that most relationships loose!  In public or private, those quiet words of interest can be the spark that starts the flame burning.  And, in the process, you will gain alittle more courage and control over your sexuality.

Have a few sexy words you would like to share with the group?  Share yours and I will share mine!

Ok…the article:  100 Things You Need to Know about Women.  Can’t say that I agree with all of them, but some….are too true! 

Use your power for good!~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Aural Sex in Public

  1. Whispering is a great way to start doing this…especially if you are shy or think you’ll be embarassed. Whispering things like “Oh that feels good…” or “Yes, right there…” and you’ll be amazed at where you can go!

  2. sexywhispers, you’ve just won a new fan… I’ve always said that sexual fulfillment is 90% mental and 10% physical. It’s this type of interaction throughout the day that stimulates arousal to the point where what takes place in the bedroom (or wherever) becomes about passion and heat, and not about mechanics and technique.

    I don’t just stop at “aural” though..I take it through to IMing, texting, chatting, little handwritten notes…it’s that conveyance that “you” are on my mind in ways that are exciting…even if not always overtly sex-related.

    I like to use little emotes that you read as if you were reading a book written in the second person: “He walks up behind you, wrapping his arms around yours, nuzzling his mouth against the back of your neck and lightly kisses, and says, “Good morning.”

    Problem is, I find, not too many women are willing to play along.

  3. Mars–welcome to the revolution. I dont think that there are a lack of women willing to play along. I think that many women dont know how. We are taught everything in the world except sexual related issues. After all, aural sex was not covered in my one hour a week of “health” class in high school. Further, the concept of aural sex is often confused with oral sex just because the words are not heard often enough. I agree that aural sex should approach every medium for IMing to phone chats to notes.~~Dee

  4. sexy~I’m not saying they’re not out there; the problem is I’m not finding them. lol

    But I agree that many men and women don’t know how to play along. I think aural sex is just an extension of your sexual being, and we all now how badly most people are hung up about expressing their sexuality.

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