Sexual Revolution (Evolution)

Sexy Smooth Blue Moon WhispersThere is no doubt about it and I won’t even entertain another idea. Women are sexual beings. Now, I know that there are some who would look at me with disbelief and wonder if brain damage comes with such a hard hit to the head. Good for you! In truth, not enough women will come to this conclusion. And, I am here to change that one reader at a time.

When I read a recent study showing that 20% of all marriages in the US are “sexless” marriages (relationships that engage in sex less than 10 times a year), I admit my head did start to hurt. Our mothers staged a sexual revolution so we could enjoy our lives without stereotypes and stigmas associated with our sexuality. Surely all of those bras were not sacrificed in vein. No matter what our age, we are the women of 2007. With strong role models for every age group, women of today do not have to be relegated to the once bland existence of second class sexuality. Like Rosa Parks (and indeed with the greatest respect in her memory), we must refuse to give up our seats and find the courage to take control of the beautiful gift given to us by the graceful hand of God: we are women. We could burst into spontaneous chorus of “I am Woman” by Helen Reddy, but you get the point. We have lost the spirit.

Every woman should know what makes her feel sexy.

  • A certain nail color,
  • a pretty pair of panties,
  • a great sweater that fits in all the right places…

You know those things that really make you smile when you look in the mirror. What about that new hairdo you have been thinking about? Or that incredible little black dress that shows off your shoulders? If you focus on these things, then the man in your life will focus there too. After all, men are visual creatures and you are controlling the movie. Invite him to bring popcorn…get a good seat.

I have been married almost 20 years to my high school sweetheart and he is still the hottest guy on the planet (don’t tell him I said so….ok?), but that is because I feel sexy when I am with him.

Remember, confidence is the sexiest thing that I wear!

My advice: Answer the phone….your sexuality is calling!

Have a favorite sexy tip that you would love to share with others?Let’s share! Need some great reading to boost your confidence. Let me know!~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Sexual Revolution (Evolution)

  1. You know what? you have said things that people dare not talk about it simply because they afarid of the subject. But I agree with you 100%. I think women are a lot more sexual than men. I know i am, if in the company of the right man i will have a drive stronger than his. Welcome to WordPress. I am going to add you to my blogroll.

  2. I AM breaking out in that Helen Ready song, ánd the Chaka Kahn one, and loads and loads more!

    Great blog and well said! Women shouldn’t be afraid of their sexuality!

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